The room was pitch dark with a table inside. On the table sat a diary, a register, a contract, a pot of biriyani, a pair of ballet slippers, a leash, a Bible and a whole lot of emotions. Two benches were made to stand parallel, like an argument, making a narrow pathway through which only vision could pass. There also hung an entangled rope as if it were judgement or maybe conscience. This was how her subconscious looked like, where the table was just a fraction of her memory lane, a line segment whereas there lay an entire unending line where birth and death were mere visitors.
To be continued…


Hey there! Who’s listening?
There’s a voice in the crowd.
Pause for a moment,
It was screaming aloud.
The hustle and bustle;
The people on surge,
Could barely take note of,
the compelling urge.

Don’t ignore the calling.
Oh! Don’t go astray,
You’re headed for destruction,
‘Cause broad is the way.
The end of your destination,
is a bottomless pit.
The seductress is waiting
with craftiness and deceit.

The brick and the concrete
The Iron and steel,
The boastful intelligence
The scientific zeal.
The carnal desires
The race to succeed.
The material quest ,
and the ever burning greed.

Oh! Halt for a moment,
Oh halt! I implore.
Barren and arid is
the path you explore.
Oh! Turn for a moment!
Behold the narrow lane.
Look at the Living Brook
and the lush green terrain.

Draped with beauty
and breathtaking perfection.
The tranquil surroundings
and the panoramic vision.
Oh! Cast off your burden,
stop chasing the wreck full dream.
And rest for eternity,
Beside the cascading stream.

Question mark?

Was it confusion,passion, care or simply unfulfilled lust?

She was used to freedom whereas he wanted attachment and longing. In the vast ocean, he would depend on a boat whereas she knew how to swim. He needed an anchor but she would simply float. He was expecting too much and she was devoid of all expectations. He was busy filling up the blanks when she was preoccupied with writing her own story. There was a ‘him’ and there was a ‘her’ tied by the bond of contradictions. They called it love, but did they even know what it was? Question mark.

Solitude sweet.

O sweet solitude, where to find you,
You stay so aloof but are so true,
There’s comfort, there’s peace,
All we have to do is realise its need,
O sweet solitude please come to me.

You might be different, you might be unique,
But your true admirer is your solitude sweet.

A lover’s caress or praises overwhelming;
All come n go in an eye’s blink;
There’s only one that stays, no matter how hard it may be;
That one is our solitude sweet.

We cry and crib, be cranky and mean;
But one that never complains is our solitude sweet.
We toss and turn and break and burn;
But the pacifier is our solitude sweet.

So loners all over, be happy as you can be;
Cause your constant friend is your solitude sweet.

An Army of Sinners.

An army of sinners came marching;

Weaponed with rage, deceit and hypocrisy;

Led by the treacherous one, the puppet of greed;

Was gold or silver actually his need?

The time he had spent with the fishers of men;

Did he not see? The Rabbi’s wisdom, grace and mercy ?

The wonders, the miracles, the goodness of heart;

All He did was love, above whose head flew the white Dove.

The King of kings and the Lord of lords, the born Leader and the Master of the Throne above.

He is the One, the One is He; Who died for us, for we would be free.

That deadly night, sweat turned blood;. The lonely prayer, when all else slumbered.

Wake up and pray! But it was too late.

An army of sinners came marching.

All were awake, the kiss was implanted, But He was calm, for roses have thorns.

Rage and panic clouded above; Ready to charge, were the apostles.

Peter! What did you do? Put back the knife, it doesn’t describe you.

The healing Hand touched the killer’s ear,. And he was healed, so he may listen.

The army of sinners took Him away.

Loud cries of curses and spits of mockery;

The purest blood had to face it all, for the sake of us sinners.

Pilate knew the blunder happening,. But only the washing of hands won’t reverse the crime he was committing.

Whiplash! We are healed, at the cost of a Lamb so clean.

Horses neighed, gentiles beamed;. The army of sinners continued to mock and scream.

Early that morning was He thrice denied; By the one closest to Him, the one who later cried.
Fear can shake one’s faith, but love strengthens and forgiveness softens;. What is true is true; it can neither be changed nor broken.
A series of events, painful and unjust;. The purest blood had to face it all for the sake of us sinners.

Now came the time for Him to bear the Cross;. He bore all our dark deeds and didn’t utter a word.

Swimming through the torrent of dark negativity was He;. Such blind sinners were we that the love we couldn’t see.

Arriving at Golgotha, where people are killed and die;. No one had wondered that there defeated death would lie.

A nail pierced deep, our sins were taken;.

Another scream wandered, the Law was revisited;

One last deadening rush of pain; there hung the Saviour;. The Way, the Life, the Truth.

Did we deserve it then? Or do we deserve it still?

The Father looked away; the wrath, the thunder and the tearing of the temple curtain.

The Son was drenched with sin, sins commited by us. The army of sinners stood silent.

The Crown of thorns wore He; our sins pricked Him around His temples.

Blood trickled, streaming down the Lamb;. Bathing the righteous and the unrighteous;

The army of sinners was forgiven.

A forgiveness too precious to be deserved;

A forgiveness whose ransom was the sacrifice of the Son Himself.

That was the love God showered on the army of sinners.

Rejoice! For on the third day did He rise! Showering glory and showing might;. For the oblivion of death was forever destroyed.

Rejoice! Rejoice! For grateful are we!

He is our Saviour; it is for us to believe!

He is our Saviour and saved are we!

All I can say is thank You.

I can only be grateful to Him. Not only because He is the reason why I could live to see today’s sun rise but also because I have been experiencing His mercy for each and every ticking of the clock. There is not one moment when He left my side. There is not one moment when I didn’t feel His palm over my head. There is not a single moment for which I cannot say thank You. Thank You for being my sunshine in the dark. Thank You for raising me up when I had fallen flat on my face. Thank You for making me choose the road less tread upon. Thank You for all those difficult times for I was closer to You than ever. Thank You for loving me from my mother’s womb till today and forever after. Thank You for sowing me as the seed to bear fruit in my mother and her family. Thank You for giving us the the five stones to defeat the Goliath who keeps roaring on our faces every now and then. Thank You for being there in the wilderness and in times of joy. Thank You for making me who I am today. No matter how much we thank You it will never be enough for Your love is infinite. 

Thank You for dying for us so that we could live to experience the warm rays of Your love in our lives and after.

May Your blessings be showered on each and every wandering soul. May there be direction in their lives leading towards You. For You are the Narrow Gate, the Brazen Alter. You are the Ark of the Lord.